Didos Dr. Wao has Released a new song ‘Come on’




Didos Dr.Wao

Born in RWANDA, Didos Dr Wao A.K.A, Dieudonne Ingabire is a Hip Hop artist based in Nairobi – Kenya. He started his Music journey in 2002 while in primary school. And later continued to perform in different occasions.

He recorded His first Album in 2015 ‘Noche loca, (Crazy night) in Rukuz Productions.  On this album you can find conscious  songs,, party songs and love songs like, Come on, Noche loca (Crazy night), ingekuaje, I don’t care, Partido (Party) etc

Didos front cover


Didos Dr.Wao

Come on is a party song calling people to have fun and enjoy life.

He sings in different languages like Swahili, Spanish, English and French.  He is looking forward to support artists once he makes it.


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