The Burundian, Isanganiro award edition 4 2014 winner, N John Melodica has released a new song in Kenya

The Burundian, Isanganiro Award Edition 4 2014 winner, N John Melodica has released a new song titled `Hakuna Mahali`

Being his first song to be released in Kenya, The Burundian artist said that it was a privilege to work with Rukuz productions since it is one of the productions house with Burundian and Rwandan taste,



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“The producers themselves come from the same region as me, so it was even easier for me to cooperate with them, because at least we shared same language“



N John Melodica

Why the song `Hakuna Mahali?

I decided to sing Hakuna Mahali, because the idea of the song its self is to touch many souls and to remind them that, with God everything is possible.

Why a gospel song?

Hakuna Mahali is my first gospel song, i was simply inspired by my life as an example, i realized that God is never far from me, so i thought it was also a call for me to pass the message to others who are not away about that.

How does it feel to do a song in Kenya?

First of all, i would like to thank those who received, it was my first time to visit Kenya and for real i like the environment and Kenyans in general. I really liked the production especially for style, I had not had hard time in the studio, the producers received me well and they were cool to work with.

I already released Hakuna Mahali and a second one `My Love` is on the way. I am also planning to do  callable with some big Kenyan artists.


Isanganiro award edition 4 2014 winner, N John Melodica

Burundian music and Kenyan music?

Well , well, that is a trick question, but what i realized is that Kenyan music is more than Kenyan because the language they use allow them to spread even internationally, Kenyan music is played all over East Africa and abroad, in Burundi, we also have some artist who sing in Swahili and English but comparing to the Kenyan industry, Burundian artists need to cross the border and spread their song all over East Africa and abroad, and this will only be possible if they start composing in regional and international language. Something else i noticed is that Burundians do perform more  live music  than Kenya Kenyans do.

As , Isanganiro award edition 4 2014 winner, what are your plan for East Africa?

Am very confident that the song “My love“ will be a nice gift to every East Africans, because first of all, it is a new style, it is a modern traditional song with a nice message, sang in different languages used in East Africa, It’s a Positive song, very danceable, last but not least it celebrate our culture as Africans in general.



Listen to Hakuna Mahali by N John Melodica Here

A word to your fans ?

To all my fans, I love you all, without you am not who I am. I am planning for nice stuffs this year for them, all I ask is their support and I will not let them down. also Special thanks goes to Rukuz Productions for all the support.

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