We are currently working with, Vini Shema, Ero Mtu, Dufla, Mojeh & Ray V, X-True, Kdida, Alvina GM Family  Ventino, Gabzo, Barax, Irene, Mecika, Didos, Napaya, Nathan, Daddy Blazing, Saning’o, Vikta Jay, Majina, Pizicatto, Molly, , Rhymekid, Lema, Mr Twice, Elina Mesecho, Ezekiel, simple Jay, 24 Family, Gida, BIG, Willstimb, Fountaine of Solence, Tablet, Mistari,  Geatrics Family, Tashish, Mandela,  and many others.

Rukuz Productions is not just limited to one genre of music. Both gospel and secular music are produced.

So many different cultures, people from different backgrounds all find their way to Rukuz Prouctions somehow because there you will find Rwandan music, the likes of “Agape Love.” There’s Samburu music by big artists such as Saning’o, Mr.Twice, Lema to name but a few. There’s Turkana music by Ero Mtu, Ugandan artists such as Shamil and Nelly G, from Burundi there’s Nathan Nkuzimana. There’s beautiful   such as “Natamani Mpenzi” by Vini Shema, Luo music, Christine Okuto, English music, Spanish; Mi Queridio by Dydos featuring Alvina. And a little bit of all languages in songs such as “The Deepest Love.”

A big highlight is their initiative to be a home to underprivileged artists who cannot afford to make good music.

To bear witness to this is the album by the name “Voice of  the Slam” that is being promoted and played in Italy.

At the end of the day, recording these artists for free does not compromise their great mixing, mastering and wonderful video shooting and  editing  skills.

Indeed, Rukuz Productions has helped dozens of youths (artists) who had thrown their music career  away, grow and established themselves as musicians They were hopeless but now their dreams are valid.