Born in Kigali Rwanda Gabzo A.K.A NIYIREMA DIEUDONNE is a producer under Rukuz Productions also an artist, He is the fifth born in a family of ten (three girls’ n five boys).
He started singing when he was in Sunday school whereby he was playing piano for the children choir.
He started composing his own songs while in primary (Class two),
And he continued singing in Sunday school choir some years later. He started signing in the main church called (AEBR)…..
Gabzo performing in Jibambe Night
He recorded his first album called AMASHIMWE in Rukuz Productions in january 2012 (Nairobi Kenya where he is currently living.) He is working on a new love song album, so far he has released mimi na we, wagiyehe and No one but you, which is currently being promoted.
He is also a member of Rukuz Family crew.

He likes Singing and Music Production (Piano and guitar)
Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Akon n R.Kelly
He is planning to record more than five albums within a period of 5 years
He is planning to build an orphanage children center n a house of recording music production
For helping upcoming musicians
“In all my songs, I am sending a message to the people all over the world and so that they can fear GOD, especially in these last days”.
Word of encouragement
I am encouraging youths to respect GOD, Stop drugs abuse and crime.
And develop their talents.
Gabzo is currently working in Rukuz Production as a co-coproducer
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